Qing Dynasty Sword

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Qing Dynasty Sword
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Qing Dynasty Sword

Price: $159.95
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The Qing dynasty was the was the last imperial dynasty of China, the final dynastic era after centuries of dynastic rule. Just as transitions of power characterize Chinese history, imperial China is also defined by wars, conquest, and battle. Across years of military conflict, several bladed Chinese weapons were deployed on the battlefield. This Qing Dynasty Sword is a Chinese dao sword that resembles the ancient Chinese swords used during imperial China! With a sharp, hand-forged blade and a beautiful scabbard, this authentic Chinese sword represents the rich history of imperial Chinese swords and weapons.

Multiple types of swords and blades were present on the battlefield during Chinese history. Among the four traditional Chinese weapons, the dao sword is considered "The General of Weapons." While the gun (staff), qiang (spear), and jian (Chinese long sword) were common Chinese imperial weapons, daos gained popularity over jians as close combat swords. With curved single-edged blades, liuyedao swords could thrust, cut, and slash and were paired with shields. The liuyedao (willow-leaf saber) was used as a sidearm by both cavalry and infantry soldiers during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Some schools of Chinese martial arts trained with liuyedaos, and modern wushu involves the use of dao swords in daoshu routines. This hand-forged Chinese sword reflects the history of Chinese sabers in its design.

From the tip of its blade to its pommel, this Asian sword incorporates facets of traditional dao swords. Like the imperial Chinese short swords and liuyedao of history, this genuine dao sword has a slightly curved blade and handle. At 34 inches long unsheathed, the graceful curved form of this Chinese saber is apparent down its length. The curve is most prominent in its 7.25 inch long bing (handle). With a refined matte black color, the bing grip is bordered by the gold colored bingtou (pommel) and hushou (handguard). Both the bingtou and hushou are constructed from metal and have a subtle textured finish. Like traditional Chinese daos, the 3.25 inch diameter hushou guard has a circular shape with a raised lip that helps to prevent water from dripping into the scabbard or blood from running onto the grip.

The authentic details of the handle of this Chinese saber extend to its blade. Handcrafted from spring steel, the 26.5 inch long blade has xuekao grooves and comes to a feng point. Like historic dao swords, this Chinese short sword is sharpened on one edge. Between the blade and the guard is the metal tunkou, a collar piece that serves to secure the guard and improve the fit of this dao in its scabbard. With a gold colored finish and finely textured surface, the tunkou matches the sword fittings on the handle and has an ornate curling pattern. Overall, this Chinese liuyedao weighs just over 2 pounds unsheathed, suited for light cutting or Dao Shu Wushu taolu with a real Chinese sword.

This handmade Chinese saber also comes with a gorgeous qiao (scabbard) to protect and carry the blade. The qiao has a sleek, matte black finish and decorative gold colored metal casings that match the handle, collar, and guard. The scabbard has suspension mountings, ideal for securing this dao to your side or putting this beautiful Asian sword on display. When sheathed, this Chinese dao style sword is 38 inches long and weighs 3 pounds.

These imperial style Chinese swords, with their hand-forged blades and elegantly curved shape, uphold the design of traditional Chinese swords. This genuine Chinese short sword would make a fantastic addition to a weapons collection or an excellent gift for a collector or historian. Add one of these Qing Dynasty Swords to your own collection of historic Chinese swords and martial arts weapons today!

Qing Dynasty Sword Highlights:

  • Hand-Forged Chinese Dao Style Sword
  • Sharp Spring Steel Blade
  • Slightly Curved Blade and Handle
  • Matte Black Colored Handle (Bing)
  • Matte Black Colored Scabbard (Qiao)
  • Suspension Mounting Style Scabbard
  • Ornate Gold Colored Scabbard Decorations
  • Metal Guard, Pommel, and Scabbard Casing
  • Disc-Shaped Handguard (Hushou)
  • Decorative Blade Collar (Tunkou)
  • Gold Colored Guard, Pommel, and Collar
  • Length Sheathed: 38 inches (approx.)
  • Weight Sheathed: 3 pounds (approx.)
  • Length Unsheathed: 34 inches (approx.)
  • Weight Unsheathed: 2 pounds 1 ounce (approx.)
  • Blade Length: 26.5 inches (approx.)
  • Handle Length: 7.25 inches (approx.)
  • Guard Diameter: 3.25 inches (approx.)
  • Beautiful Asian Sword for Collectors and Historians!

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"Great sword all around. Nice and sharp and very smooth with cutting."
Written By: Stiles Johnson.
1/26/24 - 11:25pm
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