Unsharpened Carbon Steel Wakizashi

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Unsharpened Carbon Steel Wakizashi
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Unsharpened Carbon Steel Wakizashi

Price: $119.95
The samurai warriors of feudal Japan wore daishō sword sets, a matched pair of Japanese swords, as symbols of their status and their honor. Only the samurai class was permitted to carry a daisho, matching longer swords such as tachis and katanas with shorter swords such as tantōs and wakizashis. This Unsharpened Carbon Steel Wakizashi is a genuine hand-forged samurai short sword with a blunt carbon steel blade, perfect for completing your own daisho display or for practice!

The wakizashi was the short sword of choice for swordsmen of the Edo period. Shorter than a katana, the wakizashi was the common selection for the second sword in a daisho sword pair. Serving as backup swords, wakizashis were better suited for indoor fighting than tanto daggers or katanas. Katanas were customarily left at the door of a palace or castle, so samurai carried their wakizashi swords indoors. While not permitted to wear a daisho, many commoners also carried a wakizashi for personal protection against bandits.

Although this handmade samurai short sword has a blunt blade, its fine craftsmanship is a testament to the traditional wakizashi swords wielded by the honored samurai of old. Crafted from 1060 carbon steel, the hand-forged blade has wavy hamon lines. With blood grooves running down its 20" length, the silver colored blade gleams under the light. This unsharpened wakizashi has a blunt edge and a dull point, better suited for safe practice. At 28.75" long and weighing 1 lb 11 oz unsheathed, this practice wakizashi sword provides a realistic training experience for developing technique, form, and muscle memory.

The artistry of this hand-forged samurai sword extends to its 7.75" long handle as well. The tsuka (handle) of this genuine wakizashi is wrapped with real white ray skin, the rough texture keeping the handle wrappings in place. The diamond pattern of the tsukamaki style handle wrapping is both beautiful and practical. Made from cotton, the tsuka-ito (handle wrap) reinforces the handle and offers an enhanced grip while using this samurai weapon. The black wrap contrast against the white rayskin beneath, the ornate gold colored menuki (handle ornaments) visible under the expertly tied wrappings.

The handle of this hand made wakizashi sword is bordered by the black metal tsuba (guard), fuchi (collar), and kashira (pommel). The tsuba has a circular shape, its minimalistic design complementing the overall sophisticated appearance of the sword. This simple tsuba is 2" in diameter, preventing your hand from sliding up to the handcrafted blade or protecting it from an opponent's attack. Between the tsuba and the handle is the fuchi, decorated with a detailed scaled dragon. Matching the fuchi, the pommel is adorned with the magnificent head of a dragon. Completing the sword are the brass seppa and habaki (sword fittings), making this training wakizashi more authentic and sturdy.

To protect its carbon steel blade when not in use or on display, this Japanese style short sword has a black wooden saya (scabbard). The wooden sheath has a sleek matte black finish, black sageo cords, and gold colored shito-dome. Weighing 2 lbs 1 oz and measuring 29.75" while sheathed, this short katana would make an excellent addition to a samurai sword set display. This wakizashi comes with its own black cloth bag with a tie. Decorated with gold colored kanji, this sword bag will stand out among the other black sword bags in your samurai weapons collection.

These short steel samurai swords would make beautiful additions to weapon collections or safer training swords for realistic practice. If you appreciate the craftsmanship of traditional Japanese style swords or wish to have daisho sword set display of your own, get one of these Unsharpened Carbon Steel Wakizashis today!

Unsharpened Carbon Steel Wakizashi Sword Highlights:

  • Hand-Forged 1060 Carbon Steel Blade
  • Dull Blade for Display or Practice
  • Wavy Hamon Line and Blood Grooves
  • Minimalistic Circular Metal Tsuba (Guard)
  • Black Metal Kashira and Fuchi with Dragon Design
  • Gold Colored Menuki (Handle Ornaments)
  • Black Cotton Handle Wrappings
  • Real White Rayskin Tsuka (Handle)
  • Brass Habaki and Seppa
  • Matte Black Wooden Scabbard
  • Gold Colored Shito-Dome
  • Black Sageo Cords
  • Length Sheathed: 29.75"
  • Length Unsheathed: 28.75"
  • Tsuba Diameter: 2" (approx.)
  • Blade Length: 20" (approx.)
  • Handle Length: 7.75" (approx.)
  • Weight Sheathed: 2 lbs 1 oz (approx.)
  • Weight Unsheathed: 1 lb 11 oz (approx.)
  • Black Cloth Sword Bag with Tie
  • Gold Colored Kanji on Sword Bag
  • *Sword Stand Not Included*

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