Crimson Samurai Sword Set

Price: $199.95
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Crimson Samurai Sword Set
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Crimson Samurai Sword Set

Price: $199.95
Most people think they know what samurai are. They look to stereotypes from movies or television shows and think that they know everything about them. For the most part, most people only scratch the surface of the vast Japanese history of the samurai. Not only did they provide protection for officials, and noble or wealthy people, they often had a great responsibility within their communities. An easy way to get started on samurai history is with our daishō set, the Crimson Samurai Sword Set. Once you learn a little bit more about their traditional weapons of choice, learning everything else about them will become even more exciting!

Daishō literally means "big-little" which is in reference to the swords that samurai carried. The first part of the word is also in reference to the "big" sword (daitō) that is known to a lot of people from movies and television, the katana. The katana has the characteristics of being a single-edged blade that has a longer grip to be held with both hands. Obviously, this set would not be complete without this sword. This 1045 carbon steel blade has a length of 27 inches and has an overall length of 40.5 inches. The 11-inch handle has beautiful white colored textured handles with black cotton handle wraps. There are ornate dragon menuki within the handle and throughout the rest of the sword. The sword also has a natural styled hamon lines and a gold colored shito-dome. The total weight of the weapon is 2 pounds, 10.5 ounces which is standard for this type of sword. The most fascinating part of this weapon is the red lacquered wooden scabbard. The deep crimson is quite noticeable and the black sageo cords match the scabbard well.

The second part of the daishō is the shōtō, or short sword. There are two different types of swords that can be used as a shōtō, but the longer version is the wakizashi. This short sword has all of the similar characteristics of the katana, since the matching fittings of both swords are what make it a daishō. This wakizashi is also made out of 1045 carbon steel, has a natural styled hamon line, and has similar menuki ornaments. This sword has a 3.5-inch round metal tsuba which also matches the katana and also has the same kanji symbols as well. The overall length of this weapon is 32 inches and has a blade length of 19.5 inches. The handle length is 9.5 inches and the total weight of the sword is 2 pounds, 3.5 ounces.

Usually a daishō consists of two swords, which is the meaning of little-big. The second variant of the shōtō is a tantō, which is shorter than the wakizashi and more like a dagger. The tantō knife is also a bit more well known compared to the wakizashi, since modern Western countries have used that term for tactical knives. Although modern knives have changed the traditional look of the weapon, this one keeps the traditional look of the tantō similar to the past and in character with this weapon set. The same as the other two swords, this tantō has all of the same styling and beautiful similarities that really make it stand out. The main difference is the lack of a tsuba, or hand guard, which the katana and wakizashi both have. The total weight is 14 ounces and has an overall length of 19 inches. The blade length is 9.75 inches and the handle is 5 inches.

The entire daishō set not only matches the adornments, metal and scabbards beautifully, it comes with a black 3-tier wooden sword stand to display all three of them with ease. This wood katana stand is easy to assemble and has "bushido" written in kanji characters on the base. If you want to keep your swords safe when you're not showing them off, they all have their own black cloth sword bags with ties to keep them from collecting dust or getting damaged.

Samurai have a rich and detailed history that can be found in modern movies, television shows, books, and more. While most people only know the history from films and TV, there are more to them than meets the eye. They were more than warriors or soldiers, they were considered a part of nobility and even had different levels within Japanese political parties. Even this description barely scratches the surface of their in depth archives, but this Japanese daishō collection can give you a general understanding of some of the weapons that they used. Unleash your inner samurai with this set today!

Crimson Samurai Sword Set Highlights:

  • Matched Daishō Sword Set
  • Includes Three (3) Handmade Samurai Swords:
    • Katana - Long Sword
    • Wakizashi - Short Sword
    • Tanto - Dagger
  • Hand-forged 1045 Carbon Steel Blades
  • Natural Style Hamon Lines
  • Matching Handles and Sheaths
  • Ornate Dragon Menuki (Ornaments)
  • Black Cotton Handle Wraps
  • White Colored Textured Handles
  • Red Lacquered Wooden Scabbards
  • Gold Colored Shito-Dome
  • Black Sageo Cords
  • Black Cloth Sword Bags with Ties
  • Black 3-Tier Wood Sword Stand with Kanji

  • The Katana:
    • 3.5" Round Metal Tsuba (Guard)
    • Kanji Inscribed Blade
    • Overall Length: 40.5 inches
    • Blade Length: Approx. 27 inches
    • Handle Length: Approx. 11 inches
    • Total Weight: Approx. 2 pounds 10.5 ounces

    The Wakizashi:
    • 3.5" Round Metal Tsuba (Matches Katana)
    • Kanji Inscribed Blade (Matches Katana)
    • Overall Length: 32 inches
    • Blade Length: Approx. 19.5 inches
    • Handle Length: Approx. 9.5 inches
    • Total Weight: Approx. 2 pounds 3.5 ounces

    The Tantō:
    • No Tsuba (Guard)
    • Overall Length: 17 inches
    • Blade Length: Approx. 9.75 inches
    • Handle Length: Approx. 5 inches
    • Total Weight: Approx. 14.0 ounces

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