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Red Dragon Samurai Sword Set

Price: $89.95
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Red Dragon Samurai Sword Set
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Red Dragon Samurai Sword Set

Price: $89.95
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There has never been a better time to get the decorative Red Dragon Samurai Sword Set. This set of three Japanese swords is the perfect display piece that will get your friends, neighbors, and perhaps even your sensei, to see you as a martial arts enthusiast with taste.

All three of these display swords are made with a stainless steel blade that has been strategically unsharpened so that, if you were to get robbed in the middle of the night, your attackers would not be able to cut you with your own sword. Remember, these are decorative. The tradition-style nylon cord-wrapping on the handles gives the swords an authentic look and the dragon-and-tiger theme on both the sheath, as well as on the tsuka handguard gives the swords a symbolic meaning.

In fact, if someone asks you what the design signifies, say something like this: "Tigers represent yin, the powerful force of darkness. Dragons symbolize yang, the light side. Both of these cosmic forces are at work in our everyday lives, constantly pulling and tugging each way. Ancient Taoists believed that the best course of action was one of balance between the two forces. Let me refill your drink, madam." If you say this, people will believe you are are wise and clever.

The longest sword that comes as part of this red dragon set is the 37" katana. The blade is 26" long and the whole sword weighs around a pound and a half. The katana is the most well-known sword used by Japanese samurai, as it balanced out the needs for close-up stabbing without needing to get too close.

The 28" wakizashi and 18" tanto are less well known, but were still commonly used in their day. Being shorter didn't make these swords less dangerous. These two shorter swords match the katana in appearance.

The best way to display these swords is with the black wooden display stand. Maybe put the swords on your coffee table or on top of your bedroom dresser. Or your dojo! Or somewhere else. We don't know your house or your style. But you do. So get your own red dragon sword set and show off your martial arts enthusiasm!

Red Dragon Samurai Sword Set Highlights:
  • Matching Katana, Wakizashi, and Tanto
  • Unsharpened Stainless Steel Blades
  • Nylon Cord Wrapped Handles
  • Decorative Tsuba and Kashira
  • 13.5" by 12" wooden display stand
  • Decorative Red and Black Sheath with Dragon and Tiger Yin Yang Design

Red Dragon Katana Details:
  • Approximate Sword Length: 37"
  • Unsharpened Blade Length: 26"
  • Approximate Weight: 22 oz

Red Dragon Wakizashi Details:

  • Approximate Sword Length: 28"
  • Unsharpened Blade Length: 18"
  • Approximate Weight: 17 oz

Red Dragon Tanto Details:
  • Approximate Sword Length: 18"
  • Unsharpened Blade Length: 10"
  • Approximate Weight: 11 oz

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