Stealth Combat Scythe

Price: $29.95
Stealth Combat Scythe
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Stealth Combat Scythe

Price: $29.95
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Scythes often conjure up images of grim reapers and cemeteries. These sweeping, curved blades on long poles are intimidating, but not very practical for everyday carry. We doubt you'd get very far before ending up with your hands behind your back and your face on the pavement. The Stealth Combat Scythe takes the scythes and sickles of old, and transforms them into a modern design that you can carry right on your waist without anyone being the wiser.

This 7.5-inch handheld scythe has the razor sharp, curved blade from the father of death's pole weapon, but at a more manageable length of 4 inches, rather than 4 feet. This 3cr13 steel blade is black, making it capable of blending into the night, or the black robes that you may or may not enjoy wearing around town. The steel construction makes it durable, so the sharpened edge holds its integrity while hooking, slashing, and dragging souls down to the underworld where they belong. The nearly 90-degree angle of the blade affixed to the handle is reminiscent of the kama, and the modernized design makes this fixed blade knife perfect for close combat, when getting into tight spaces with assailants and demons that refuse to go down easily, becomes necessary for subduing them.

Curved blade knives like karambits, are great for self-defense and survival. This sleek fixed blade pocket knife is a hybrid of sorts, something like a handheld karambit kama knife. The finger ring at the end of the ridged handle, with an inner diameter of 1.25 inches, gives you plenty of control when getting down and dirty in the pits of h-e-double-hockey-sticks, so you can hang on to your knife like grim death. The 6-inch grooved aluminum handle is the same jet black as the hooked blade, making for an everyday carry weapon that blends in nearly as well as the phantoms and wraiths that often leave nothing but a chill down your spine in their wake.

This hawkbill scythe knife comes with a kydex sheath that houses the sharpened blade snugly, so there's little chance of your sickle blade slipping from its case and injuring you or any innocent souls in your midst. The hard plastic blade cover includes a belt clip, so concealing your weapon is as easy as clipping it to your waist underneath long flowing fabric, or more conventional garments. Even better, this fixed blade karambit knife weighs just over 4 ounces, so there's no concern about how to move quickly and quietly in the shadows. You'll have a compact scythe that's always at your fingertips, ready for use as a self-defense weapon, undertaker tool, close combat companion, or survival sidekick.

The design of this contemporary tactical knife takes the features of various curved blade weapons like scythes, sickles, and karambits, and combines them into an effective combat weapon that's easy to carry and keep hidden, while giving you the control and efficiency you need when faced with ruthless, malevolent opponents. The grim reaper strikes fear into the depths of our souls. Get one of these Stealth Combat Scythes and refuse to cower in the presence of mere mortals ever again.

Stealth Combat Scythe Highlights:

  • Sharp Black 3Cr13 Steel Blade
  • Black Textured Aluminum Handle
  • Kydex Sheath with Belt Clip
  • 1 1/4" Diameter Finger Hole
  • Overall Length: 7.5" (approx.)
  • Blade Length: 4" (approx.)
  • Handle Length: 6" (approx.)
  • Knife Weight: 4oz (approx.)
  • Sleek, Modern Design
  • Great for Close Combat

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"You don't need to be The Grim Reaper to appreciate this excellent blade. Ask yourself what you likely need an EDC knife for. Typically, I use mine for opening packages, opening cooking ingredients, and mail, among other things, and a curved blade like this is perfect for all of that. Highly recommended."
Written By: Jordan
2/4/22 - 4:02pm
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