Black Shogun Hand Forged Katana

Price: $124.95
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Black Shogun Hand Forged Katana
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Black Shogun Hand Forged Katana

Price: $124.95
Legend tells of the mysterious Black Shogun, who seized power in ancient Japan and wielded absolute power over Japan with the Kokujin shogun katana or Black Shogun Hand Forged Katana. History has forgotten this shogun's name, but the terror he struck upon the land with his powerful samurai sword lives on. Stories say that it measured 41" inches, with a high temper carbon steel blade that, on most days, measured 27.5" but when rage flowed through the veins of the Black Shogun, it was said that the blade could reach across Japan and slay even the most distant foes.

The story goes that the Black Shogun, having vanquished his mortal foes and ruled long over Japan, wished ultimately to conquer death itself. He brought his trusty katana, with its 12" rayskin handle and black tsuka-ito , and searched the countryside for the mythical shinigami, beings responsible for escorting people to the afterlife at their appointed time. He came upon a cave and found a pair of sword-wielding shinigami. The Black Shogun quickly pulled his own katana out and dueled long and hard with the two spirits. Each time he thought that he had defeated one with a fatal stab though, they simply stood back up and continued fighting. Finally, he stopped and pleaded with them to give him the secret to everlasting life.

One of the shinigami pulled its sword back and said, "I will make a deal with you."

"Anything," the Black Shogun said.

The shinigami then brought the man to a part of the cave filled with candles. It explained that each candle represents the life of a different mortal. Once the flame burns out, the person dies. It then showed him his own candle, which had nearly burnt out, reflecting the long life he had lived. It offered a chance to extend his life by transferring the wick and wax of his candle to that of the Shinigami's.

"Yours?" the Black Shogun asked, astonished. "But you are immortal! Why would you give that up?"

"I grow tired of my long life," the shinigami said. "None appreciate the value of their own death. The work is not rewarding. I seek release."

The Black Shogun agreed, but when he attempted to transfer the wick and wax of his own candle, he accidentally blew his own flame out and died.

To honor his attempt, the shinigami put his hand-forged katana in a silk-lined box and it hasn't been seen since. Until now. So buy the Black Shogun Hand-Forged Katana today!

Black Shogun Hand Forged Katana Features:

  • Approximate Length 41"
  • Approximate Weight: 2 lbs
  • 27.5" Sharpened Carbon Steel Blade
  • Includes black scabbard
  • Round decorative tsuba
  • Includes Decorative Box

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