Noble Warrior Katana

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Noble Warrior Katana
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Noble Warrior Katana

Price: $189.95
The American Dream is about being a warrior no matter where you are. The Noble Warrior Katana is the ideal sword for the modern fighter that wants to show their dedication and their high-end taste. This blade is made of tempered steel, and has the ability to bend incredible lengths without snapping or cracking, showing off it's strength. Mixed with a glossy red saya that literally sparkles in the sunlight, this piece is going to be an excellent companion to any warrior.

The clay tempered steel sword is crafted from 1060 high carbon steel. Most carbon steels have a magnesium content that is high enough to make the steel rust resistant, and this 28.5-inch blade is no different. This process of forging high carbon steel means heat treating the metal along the edge, which creates tension in the rest of the blade as it all pulls in where heat is applied. This in turn gives the steel blade a strong yet springy character, fit to strike and keep on striking.

Keeping with the high quality of the full-tang metal, this katana has an elegant tsuka, or handle. A wooden grip is carved to match the curve of the blade, and then covered with a layer of authentic white samegawa, or ray skin. This traditional layering prevents the woven cord wrap of the tsuka-ito from being disturbed during use. Gripping onto the dark navy wrapped cord will allow you to lift and swing this 2 pound 9 ounce samurai sword around until you've completed your practice for the day. The tsuka is also decorated with a dark bronze menuki figurine on each side, offering some cosmic protection to the wielder of this Japanese-style fighting sword.

Warriors are known to honor traditions, and to tell stories of their epic times in battle. The tsuba, or handguard of a katana helps in telling that story without any words. This detailed piece is cast from iron and given an weathered bronze look, from adding acids to the metal for fake aging. This adds a great juxtaposition between the clean shine of the steel blade against the sturdy and darker metal of the semi-squared tsuba, which also has a few figures carved into it. It's highly possible that these figures are indeed the soldiers who are marching on to make history.

The detail continues into the wooden saya, or scabbard, that houses and protects the high carbon steel blade. With a perfect fit, this casing slides up snug against the tsuba to provide as much distance between the blade and the elements as possible. When on display, you'll see that the glossy red of the scabbard has small gold glitter throughout, enough to catch a passing eye but not enough to be distracting. This gives the scabbard a glow, also from the bright red, to you and anyone who visits your home will know that this weapon is honorable. And once they see you demonstrate the way of the sword, your audience will offer respect as well.

Noble Warrior Katana Highlights:

  • Full Tang 1060 Carbon Steel
  • Sharpened Battle-Ready Blade
  • Authentic Clay Tempered Hamon Line
  • Wooden Saya with Bright Red Lacquer
  • Golden Particles Create a Shimmer on Saya
  • Layer of Genuine White Ray Skin on Handle
  • Traditional Tsuka-Ito with Navy Blue Cord
  • Antiqued Brass Tsuba with Detailed Figures
  • Total Length: 41¼" (approx.)
  • Katana Length: 40" (approx.)
  • Blade Length: 28½" (approx.)
  • Handle Length: 11¾" (approx.)
  • Tsuba Dimensions: 3" (approx.)
  • Katana Weight: 2lbs 9oz (approx.)
  • Total Weight: 3lbs (approx.)
  • Antiqued Brass Kashira and Fuchi
  • Thick Linen Bag for Storage or Transport
  • An Honorable Weapon for the Modern Warrior

*Sword Stand not included

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