Golden Warrior Katana

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Golden Warrior Katana
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Golden Warrior Katana

Price: $159.95
With dark ninjas combing the night to kidnap nobility, it would be wise for any royalty to carry a defensive weapon with them. Or to store an acceptably decorated sword in their chambers for personal protection. The Golden Warrior Katana is the prime choice of those who don't fear their enemies as much as they fear a dreary-looking instrument of war hanging on the wall.

While an empress may have the cash for a solid gold sword, this elegant katana is a well crafted weapon that will do the same job without weighting a metric ton. Forged of 65 manganese spring steel, the blade of this katana has a composition designed for hardness and durability. The molecular blend in the spring steel of this weapon means it is tough enough to keep the sharpened edge even with repeated use. After being expertly crafted, the 28 5/8-inch blade is anodized to a soft amber color, and detailed with a bamboo stalk graphic. The maple syrup hue of the decorated blade offers a warm contrast to the shimmering golden color covering the rest of this decadent sword.

The scabbared, or saya, is wooden with a shining gold colored material that is soft to the touch and embossed with different kanji characters all over. The brightness of this scabbard can be seen from afar, and will shine no matter what direction the light is coming from. The material is well stitched along one side, preserving the wood underneath, and giving a cushioned feel when it is in your hand. You'll look great unsheathing this imperial katana as you grip the saya and pull out the blade to face your adversary.

Along with the scabbard, it is the handle, or tsuka, that make this samurai sword fit for display in the royal collection. Wrapped with a shining golden leatherette cord, the traditional tsuka-ito is tightly wound around the synthetic black ray skin that covers the wooden handle. To further keep these materials from moving around during use of the roughly 2 pound katana, the ray skin is secured with gleaming menuki that match the tint of this golden katana. There is a rounded 3-inch handguard, that protects your hands from sliding up the sharp fine edge of this weapon, and it is ornately decorated with a detailed scene of two koi fish circling the sword. This is a classic symbol for balance, and the fish sparkle as they swim around the zinc aluminum tsuba.

Display this 40 5/8-inch long samurai sword on your castle wall, or use it as a majestic gift to make peace with a neighboring kingdom. This regal sword is fit for any noble warrior, or any collector who needs a touch from King Midas.

Golden Warrior Katana Highlights:

  • Sharpened 65Mn Spring Steel Blade
  • Bamboo Stalk and Leaf Graphic on Blade
  • Shimmering Golden Finish on Saya
  • Lightly Embossed Kanji Characters on Saya
  • Handle Covered in Synthetic Black Ray Skin
  • Golden Colored Leatherette Handle Wrapping
  • Ornate Zinc Aluminum Tsuba with Koi Fish
  • Total Length: 40 5/8" (approx.)
  • Katana Length: 39 1/2" (approx.)
  • Blade Length: 28 5/8" (approx.)
  • Handle Length: 10 3/8" (approx.)
  • Tsuba Dimensions: 3" (approx.)
  • Katana Weight: 2lbs 6oz (approx.)
  • Total Weight: 2lbs 13.5oz (approx.)
  • Expertly Forged, Sharpened, and Assembled
  • A Weapon Fit for the Palace!

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