Blood Wolf Katana

Price: $129.95
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Blood Wolf Katana
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Blood Wolf Katana

Price: $129.95

There are two wolves inside of you: one is advancing with their teeth and claws exposed, the other is howling softly to a full moon. You are probably both, but this sword is assuredly the former. Once you see the printed blade of this full fledged Blood Wolf Katana, you may need to mark your calendar for the next full moon.

Forged of 1045 high carbon steel, this sharpened blade has a print of attacking wolves right on the steel itself. Even though the craftsmanship of this samurai sword makes it a functional weapon, you'll want to consider that any hard strikes with the blade may damage the print beyond repair. Not that a marred blade with the blood-lusting wolves wouldn't look cool, but just a point to keep in mind. These battle ready steel katanas are great for display, even though this Japanese-style weapon would do damage to any wolf, or werewolf, that crosses your path.

The 28.5-inch steel blade has a blood groove along the spine, and further crafted with the essential components that make it a katana. A brass colored metal habaki connects the blade to the handle, right next to the vented black metal tsuba that is decorated with flower outlines to create the important handle guard. Beyond the sword connection and tusba is the handle, wrapped in white synthetic rayskin and secured with brass colored menuki pendants in the form of dragons, and then wrapped with cord. The diamond-hole pattern, or tsuka-maki, is iconic for most katanas, due to the long history and attention to detail required to weave the black nylon cord around to create the shapes. Capped with a black metal tsuka-gashira, this grip is secured and made to last.

If you are not showing off the graphic novel style wolven print on the blade, then you can slip the roughly 2 pound sword into the high gloss black saya and hang the entire 40.5-inch samurai weapon on your wall. The scabbard fits the blade and handle nicely, and because it is PVC, have no fear that it will warp or mold. This keeps the protective saya well fitting to the wolves who will reside inside. Just like the ones that are within you. When gripping the scabbard or attaching it to your graphic novel cosplay costume belt, the wrapped black sageo is there to keep smears off of the high gloss finish, as well as provide you with a place to hang the fantasy katana from.

Start howling at this unique and affordable samurai sword that has the high carbon steel needed to last for a long time. While this weapon is designed for display, there was no skimping on the attention to detail, but sharpening the blade is not advised if you want to keep the detailed wolf print intact. So keep this printed sword on your wall or store it away in the included black bag to keep dust and moisture out. But you'll want it out with you to perform the full moon kata in honor of the wolves!

Blood Wolf Katana Highlights:

  • Sharpened 1045 Carbon Steel
  • Wolf Print Directly on Blade
  • Synthetic White Rayskin on Handle
  • Black Nylon Cord Wrapping
  • Blood Groove along Blade Spine
  • Long Lasting PVC Scabbard
  • Symmetrical Six Petal Design Tsuba
  • Sword Length: Approx. 39"
  • Blade Length: Approx. 28.5"
  • Handle Length: Approx. 10.5"
  • Total Length: Approx. 40.5"
  • Tsuba Diameter: Approx. 3"
  • Sword Weight: Approx. 2lbs 3oz
  • Total Weight: Approx. 2lbs 14.5oz
  • Brass Colored Handle Dragon Menuki
  • High Gloss Jet Black Saya
  • Includes Black Sword Storage Bag
  • Display the Savagery for All to See!

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