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Justice Dealing Ninjas Appearing At A Theater Near You?

"I'll silence you faster than a Michael Bay dialogue scene."

The next time you pull out that cell phone for a quick text, don't be surprised if a shadowy warrior materializes behind you and tells you to stop it. Sound crazy? A London movie theater is doing exactly that.

The Prince Charles Cinema is apparently trying out a program whereby ushers, hidden by black morphsuits will be on the prowl to silence any loud talkers, annoying phone users, and general miscreants that may be out to ruin the movie for the rest of us.

Interestingly enough, the idea actually began when Gregor Lawson became so fed up with obnoxious movie-goers, he decided to do something about it. Who's Gregor Lawson you ask? None other than co-founder of the official Morphsuits company. Sounds like a win/win for everyone.

I'll be curious to see if a similar trend follows in American theaters. It may seem a little odd but I'm all for keeping distraction down in a theater. Now if only they can do something about the people that have to get up every fifteen minutes and walk in front of me...

(via SlashFilm)
Dojo Spotlight: Scottsdale Martial Arts Center

A Martial Arts Success Story

As part of our ever--growing effort to expand the blog into different facets of the martial arts, we want to take a moment each month to highlight one particular school or dojo. Our goal is not only to give recognition to those schools out there doing it right, but also to provide a resource from which other dojos may learn. We want to help give a boost to those martial artists out there that may struggling to maintain a successful martial arts program.

Whether you need a fresh outlook on the direction you school is taking, help on your latest marketing idea, or just a few tips that might help bolster enrollment, it is our genuine hope that our Dojo Spotlight series will help.

So let's jump right in to our very first Dojo Spotlight shall we?
Did Someone Ask For 5 Minutes Of 'Mark Of The Ninja' Gameplay Footage?

Klei Entertainment's ambitious foray into the often overlooked world of 2-D stealth games has garnered some serious attention in the past few months. Mark of the Ninja has easily been one of this year's most hotly anticipated Xbox Live Arcade releases. And if the videos we've seen have been any indication, the hype is well deserved indeed.

If you've been following our tidbits on this stylish stealth game, you'll be able to appreciate the above gameplay video. Who are we kidding? Anyone with even half an inkling to stalk through the shadows as a ninja on a mission will get all giddy watching this footage.

Too bad the game itself isn't out until next month (October 2nd to be exact). In slightly related news, I shall be taking a week off from this blogging thing as of October 3rd. For that is the week I must make my official mark as a feared ninja by way of my Xbox.

UPDATE: So apparently Mark of the Ninja came out last week and nobody told me?! What do I pay you guys for?! Seriously, this game was an insta-buy for me after playing through the demo. Awesome. Just awesome.

(via Machinima)
Cybernetic Ninja Fights Undead Hordes In New Video Game Teaser Trailer 'Yaiba'

It perhaps goes without saying but, come Zombie Apocalypse Hour, I'm heading for samurai sword and fast. Handguns and rifles? Pfft. They're all well and good till the ammo starts running low. Meanwhile, you know what doesn't run out of ammo and is perfect for separate zombified head from body? Yep. The aforementioned samurai sword. But I digress...

The above teaser trailer for Yaiba keeps the deets to a minimum but what we do know is this: There's a one mean looking ninja with a robot arm slicing up a plethora of zombies. In Yaiba's case, that's enough awesome to earn my money, I just need to know when this masterpiece will be released!

And for those skeptical few out there, let me remind you that said game comes from none other than the legendary Keiji Inafune, the mind behind such classics as Megan Man and Resident Evil. Did I also mention he was behind Dead Rising? So yeah, he's earned his zombie merit badge and them some.

Stay tuned to the good ol' KarateMart Martial Arts Blog and you'll know more as soon as we do!
Martial Arts Gaming Never Looked So Good: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review

When a game is going this strong after 18 years (yes, I felt ancient just typing that sentence) you know something very, very right is going on. In the case of Namco Bandai's popular Tekken franchise, their solid game mechanics, hyper-realistic martial arts styles, and all around fun approach has finally culminated in what is looking to be their finest martial arts masterpiece, Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

If you've already plowed through your copy of Sleeping Dogs and are looking for a tasty morsel to satisfy that fighting game sweet tooth, I'd highly recommend looking into this one.

Just don't come a-cryin' when my Paul/Nina team becomes too much for you to handle!

You can check out a more in-depth review over at our favorite gaming blog through the link below.

(via Joystiq)

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