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Live Action Street Fighter Series Debuts Today. Watch It All Here!

While the live-action web series has been long in the making, today is the day that fighting game fans everywhere get to watch their favorite Street Fighters duke it out in a medium other than computer generated pixels.

And no, we shall not speak of a certain Street Fighter movie which disappointed debuted in theaters everywhere in 1994.

The new series, Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, weighs in at a healthy twelve episodes, all of which can be watched in the full post. As you can guess from the teaser trailer above, the story centers around the legendary friendship between martial artists Ryu and Ken as they train and grow under the same master.

Continue reading to check out new web series in its entirety.
New Expendables 3 Trailer Adds A Few New Names, Remembers The Eighties

Finally, the time has come for an official trailer to everyone's favorite cinematic mash-up of action heroes of yore and their latter-day counterparts. The end result? It would seem we can expect more of the same over-the-top action goodness and smile-inducing cameos that we've come to expect from The Expendables franchise. Which can be a good or bad thing depending on which side of the action movie theater you choose to park your tank.

This first of (I'm sure) several trailers gives a solid rundown of the cast, though any story details and/or spoilers have been cleverly disguised amongst the clamor of gunfire and assault of biceps. The most surprising new name on the list? Probably Kelsey Grammer. Not to critique too harshly, but his strongest action movie credential is looking like Down Periscope.

Astute readers of the Martial Arts Blog will notice that we successfully predicted the casting of one new team member. Now if only we could harness our powers for good...

So sit back, tune the speaker level to eleven, your brain-power to three, and let Mr. Billy Squire lead you through the lands of action movie fun. It's Friday.
The Internet Is A Better Place Thanks To This Mike Tyson, Street Fighter Mashup Video

Fret not dear Blog readers. We can at last sleep peacefully, knowing that the answer to one of life's greatest questions has been discovered. I refer of course to the the question "What would a video of Mike Tyson clips edited with Street Fighter sound effects look like?"

Short answer: Amazing.
The Official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer Is Here!

Didn't want to wait another day before laying eyes on the new Ninja Turtles trailer? Yeah, neither did we.

Luckily, the internets heard our cries and obliged us by releasing the first peeks at our mutant heroes this morning. The end result? It's...interesting.
Do You Know Shaq Fu?

That's right. Shaq is back.

Many of you were fortunate enough to have been born after the dark days of 1994, the year that saw the birth of one of the most infamous games to ever grace a console: Shaq-Fu. Alas, many of us were not so lucky. For us, Shaq-Fu was an insidious plague. A plague that entered through our precious video games, greeting us in the guise of a much beloved basketball star. Shaq + martial arts? It had to be a great idea, right? Oh, if only we had known...

It's a new day, and the crazy cats at Big Deez Productions have decided to resurrect the Shaq-Fu franchise, and they're looking for your help! Currently an Indigogo (think KickStarter) project, the game team is offering many a Shaq inspired perks to help get their game off the ground.

Can we expect a new iteration/redemption of this infamous title? I guess we'll find out in another 39 days!

Feeling nostalgic and/or masochistic? Continue reading to watch a gameplay video of the ORIGINAL Shaq-Fu (SNES). Check it out!

Source: Joystiq

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