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Fists of Netflix: Project A, Part II

Today marks yet another first of what will hopefully become a regular series on the martial arts blog. In the same vein as our Redbox Reviews segment, we want to present you some fun martial arts movie options to help fill your movie nights. However, rather than focus on brand-spankin'-new releases, we'll be exploring the depths of everybody's favorite movie-streaming service.

Our selections might range from solid classics to newer fare and everything in between. Whether it's filled with fantastic wire-work or insane stunts, we hope that most of these picks will hold an entertaining couple of hours for you. We'll be sure to let you know if they won't.

Today's Fists of Netflix pick: Project A: Part II
New Sleeping Dogs DLC, 'Year of the Snake' ,Trailer Leaked

If you're one of the martial arts gaming fans that picked up a copy of Square-Enix's open-world, mma action game Sleeping Dogs, you're in for a treat. Apparently a teaser trailer emerged earlier this morning, showcasing an upcoming DLC pack titled 'Year of the Snake'.

A fitting title that I'm sure will provide plenty of material with which to build a satisfying story. Sadly, the teaser trailer is a little too...teaser-like for my tastes. I don't know what I'm complaining about though. I still have to pick up the game. If only I could put Hitman down...

(via Joystiq)
The Mental Game: Master Your Training Time

Today's edition of The Mental Game takes a close look at how you manage one of your most valuable resources in your martial arts training: Time. It's the only thing you can never get more of once it's gone, making time the costliest aspect of any martial arts endeavor. And here you thought uniforms and tuition would be your biggest obstacles!

Enhance your calm dear reader, for not all is lost. I'm here to show a few easy tips that could be just what you need to free up some extra time to squeeze those classes in. Say hello to today's lesson:

Master Your Training Time

Continue reading to find out how you can manage and maximize your precious training time!

(thanks to Oliver Emberton via Quora)
Striking Stars: A Martial Arts Celebrity Spotlight

Say hello to yet another new series you can expect to find on a regular basis at the KarateMart.com Martial Arts Blog. With Striking Stars we want to take a closer look at some celebrities that you may not have known were martial artists. You'll see everyone from sports figures to action stars and hopefully be able to take a little inspiration from their stories.

Now let's get started with the very first of our Striking Stars: Ed O'Neill
New G.I. Joe: Retaliation Trailer Filled With Ninjas, Dubstep

There's an exciting new trailer out for the upcoming G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation and it's got ninjas! Ninjas and a dubstepped remix of some White Stripes. Honestly, this trailer makes up for the entire last movie. I don't even care what the movie is about, I just want it to be 120 minutes of these ninja fight scenes with this song on a loop. The Rock and Bruce Willis can pop in during the credits, like the outtakes scenes in Jacki Chan movies.

While we're on the topic, I've decided there are entirely too few trailers which feature ninjas, dubstep, or some combination thereof. In fact, as of this writing, I can count them on one finger. If I had to make trailers for a living I'd make sure ninjas were in every trailer at least once. People would be like 'Oh look! They're making a new movie of my favorite Jane Austen book!' Then in between the beautiful panoramic shots of Victorian England, they'd get a full helping of Snake-Eyes being awesome.

Potential lawsuits aside, I can almost guarantee double attendance through liberal use of this patented new method. Seriously, it could have saved Parker this weekend...maybe.

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