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Last Jackie Chan Action Movie "Chinese Zodiac" Has A New Trailer!

The newest trailer for what is advertised as Jackie Chan's last big action movie Chinese Zodiac landed online not too long ago. If you're a fan of the Chan, you owe it to yourself to check this one out!

Before you go knocking Chan's newer movies for being too mainstream just remember two things: One, this whole 'Rollerblade Man' stunt from the trailer is both extremely unique and entertaining, and two, the guy doing it all is almost sixty years old! I was twelve when I got my first pair of roller blades and the only way I was making it down a hill was on my face.

The movie should be released overseas by the end of the year, so it won't be long before this (probably) last action movie from one of the all time greats lands on American soil.
New Ninja Turtles Movie Problems? Leaked Script Points To Yes

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan blog TMNT, NOT TANT earlier this week claimed to have gotten their hands on a leaked copy of the script (for the reboot being led by explosion king Michael Bay) along with a cease and desist letter from Paramount Pictures. (And while something like this may easily be dismissed as just rumor, the blog has since removed all trace of the script and posted a written explanation regarding the letter)

Would Paramount really take such action if this were a completely false rumor?

Continue reading to learn some of the details concerning characters and dialogue that were gleaned from the scripts pages before its ban from the internets.

Thanks to Facebook Fan James for letting us know about this latest Ninja Turtle development!

Want To Throw A Better Punch? Train Your Brain First!

A recent study performed by British researchers compared the punches of two different groups of martial artists. The first, a group of a dozen black belt karate masters. The second, a group of martial arts novices. The results? The group of black belts were able to produce stronger punches through increased coordination between various body components.

Most martial artists already know that the key to a good punch involves a lot more than just a big bicep. Successful coordination between the hand, wrist, shoulder, and even hips are what turns a 'How ya doin'? tap' into a 'Nighty night punch'. But where's the science?

Upon studying the brains of the two test groups, scientists discovered that the black belts actually had greater changes in their white matter, which is responsible for helping transmit brain signals for processing. What's all that mean? More training = More white matter = Super punch masters.

It's an interesting study that sheds a little more light on the mysteries of the brain and its link to the martial arts. Check out the original article through the link below.

(via NY Daily News)
Sleeping Dogs Game Review: More Bark Than Bite?

Last week saw the release of the hotly anticipated sandbox-crime-saga 'Sleeping Dogs' on both the pS2 and Xbox 360. After months of build up, enormous walkthrough videos, and a endorsement from mixed martial arts legend Georges St-Pierre, we finally find out whether the new game from Square-Enix has been worth the wait.

Continue reading for a synopsis of Joystiq's official review (along with the video review) or check out the link below for the real deal.

(via Joystiq)
The Dying Art of Ninjutsu: Interview With Japan's Last Ninja

You may run into the occasional citizen who has foolishly dismissed ninjas as mythical creatures that in no way should be feared. Strangely, these people seem to disappear shortly thereafter... But if they were to stick around long enough, you may want to point them to the video above as proof that ninjas do in fact exist. For how much longer is another matter entirely.

This all-too-brief interview focuses on one Jinichi Kawakami, a 63-year-old ex-engineer who also happens to be the 21st head of the Ban ninja clan. As of now, he has no interest in training an apprentice to be the 22nd. Kawakami has trained in Ninjutsu since he was 6 years old.

Check out the link below for more awesome tidbits.

(via New York Daily News)

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