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This Week's Striking Stars: Guy Ritchie

On today's edition of Striking Stars we take a close look at one of the most entertaining directors to come out of the British Isles in the past fifteen years. Whether you're a fan of his stylish stories or not, one thing is for certain: he knows a thing or two about the martial arts.

Continue reading for the thrilling conclusion to this week's Striking Stars: Guy Ritchie
The Mental Game: Beat Procrastination For Good

You may or may not put off reading today's edition of The Mental Game. If you do, hopefully you remember to come back to it! Be sure you pay particular attention to the lessons when you do!

This week The Mental Game focuses on that nettlesome procrastination bug that seems to bite even the best of us.

Today on The Mental Game: Beat Procrastination For Good

Continue reading to find out procrastination at bay and your mind focused!

(thanks to Lifehack)
New Bruce Lee Movie In The Works
Ultimate movie news site The Hollywood Reporter has released the latest details concerning the brand new Bruce Lee biopic in the works. According to the site Birth of the Dragon will be penned by Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen Rivele of Ali and Nixon fame. So as far as biopics go, the duo's credentials would appear to be in order. The movie is said to center around the real-life fight between the martial arts legend and kung fu Master Wong Jack Man. Bruce Lee history buffs will recall that the legendary battle took place in San Francisco, 1965. So far so good, but then more details are revealed...

According to the latest reports:

"The writers are using this true event as a jumping-off point for a wider-canvas action movie in which Wong and Lee team up to battle a band of Chinatown gangsters."

...So it's at this point that my hope for the movie takes a gut-wrenching dive. Maybe it's asking too much, but I was looking forward to an accurate biopic centered around one of the most unbelievable rivalries of the 20th century. Instead, I get the premise for some alternate history, buddy action movie that would barely hold juice as a USA show. Man. I'm used to having my hopes raised and destroyed but rarely does it happen in the same article.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)
Fists of Netflix: Mandrill

Welcome to another episode of Fists of Netflix, the (mostly) weekly blog post where we take a look at the plethora of martial arts movies offered by everyone's favorite movie-streaming service, Netflix. Each week we try to select one, give it a viewing, and let you know whether you should rush it to the top of your movie queue or avoid it like a sweep kick to the leg. Continue reading to find out whether this week's selection is the former or the latter.

Today's Fists of Netflix pick: Mandrill, R, 2009 (90 min)
Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2 Trailer Promises Second Round Of Martial Arts Madness

Kevin Tancharoen is back to keep the spirit of Mortal Kombat alive for fans everywhere, for one more season at least. The trailer to the second season of Mortal Kombat Legacy went live today and promises at least a few surprising cast changes for fans.

For starters, everyone's favorite martial arts narcissist is now no longer being played by Matt Mullins. This season Johnny Cage will in fact be played by Rico Casper Van Dien. Crazy right? To be fair I haven't seen much of Mr. Dien's work. For all I know he can throw a snap kick that would put me in traction. It still won't make up for The Omega Code.

The most welcome surprise in the cast change this season? Why, the inclusion of Cary Tagawa (a.k.a. the original Shang Tsung) of course! This casting choice is long overdue and will hopefully help to bring back that Mortal Kombat magic that fans of the franchise have been missing out on.

Continue reading for a funny video from Legacy director Kevin Tancharoen as he gives a brief look at what you can expect from the Season 2 Kombatants.

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