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New Michael Bay Helmed Ninja Turtles Movie Reboot Delayed

Paramount Pictures, the studio in charge of the recently announced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie re-imagining have officially pushed the release date of the film back to May 16, 2004. It would appear that pre-production has run on a little longer than estimated (perhaps trying to refine the whole mutant/alien origins fiasco?)

While Turtles fans around the world may be lower than a sewer-dwelling amphibian by now, this Turtle Power infused writer would like to take a quick second to look at the bright side. For one, any extra time devoted to fleshing out the details of a story in before filming should (hopefully) result in a much better final product.

I'm as excited as the next fan to see what the movie will have in store for my green childhood friends, but I'm willing to forgo a few extra months if it means a cohesive story (read: NOT Transformers 2).

(via Variety)
The Expendables 2 Video Game Discovered, Desire To Play As Chuck Norris Rising

Caught up on the latest Expendables 2 trailer? Check. Secured yourself an official Expendables nickname? Check. Pre-ordered The Expendables for Xbox? Che-wait, what?!

If you've never been one to be swayed by the tarnished reputation licensed video games have had for more than twenty years, then you may very well jump for joy at the newest game news. Apparently a recent list from the Australian Classification Board (think ESRB down-under) listed a rating for The Expendables 2 video game.

This would seem strange being that not a single peep of this this has been mentioned before, but there it is. Will this be the final piece of the movie's marketing plan, or is this a forgotten remnant of a long-since scrapped title that will never see the light of day?

Looks like we'll have to wait until we get a little closer to the official movie release on August 17th this year.

(Via Joystiq)
Chuck Norris: The Movie Spoof Trailer Probably Won't Surpise You, But It Will Make You Laugh

We at have never attempted to hide our love for the great bearded one whose single glare can slay a dragon. This is why we present you with the following (mock) trailer which we stumbled upon during our daily internet journeys.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll try to IMDB the movie where Chuck Norris holds a gun to a dwarf's head.
It Came From The Internet: 26 Kung Fu Movies On Netflix Right Now

In this weeks episode of "It Came From The Internet" we found a great compilation of 25 of the best streaming kung fu movies available on Netflix as of today. Some are old, some are new, some are very good, some are very, very bad. Either way, if you're a fan of some good old fashioned chop-socky action you should probably just go ahead and queue these up right now and find some way to thank us later. Don't worry, we'll be right here watching Cheerleader Ninjas.

(via Gadget Review)
New Kung Fu Movie Double Trouble Hits Theaters This Weekend, Stars Jackie Chan's Son

If you're neither a fan of special effects filled sci-fi flicks nor tales of computer generated talking animals that squeeze the last breath out every pop culture/music reference they can get their hands on may be hard-pressed to find a new movie to watch this weekend...unless you're a martial arts fan that is. Scratch that. As long as your a martial arts fan that's lucky enough to live in one of the city in which Double Trouble is seeing its limited release that is.

Harkening back to good old day of corny, goofy, and just plain-old-fashioned fun kung fu movies, Double Trouble is sure to snare curious martial arts fans solely on the basis that it stars Jaycee Chan (a.k.a. Jackie Chan's son).

The film centers around the recovery of of a an ancient priceless painting or some such thing- oh who the heck cares it's Jackie Chan's son for crying out loud just skip the talking zebra and watch it already!

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