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New Martial Arts Books And Training DVDs Hit Shelves
It's that time again! In an effort to reward you for bookmarking our blog and checking back often we wanted to make you aware of our newest books and dvds. We've always been proud of our selection of martial arts books and training dvds and these new additions are no exception. It's said that few are actually ready for the secrets contained within these valuable tomes.

So it is with great care (and some reluctance) that we make them available to you. Please, use the information you glean from these these lessons with great care. Should you seek to do harm with your new-found knowledge, we will have no choice but to banish these secrets to the four corners of the earth from whence them came, and mark them as 'Out of Stock' on our site.
Mortal Kombat Webseries Premiering Next Tuesday
The popular game-centered, online video channel,, will be debuting a brand new web series based on the Mortal Kombat video games. Rumored to be 8-10 episodes, the first episode of the new Mortal Kombat Webseries will debut on April 12th, following a 4-hour, live-stream broadcast celebrating the upcoming release of the new Mortal Kombat video game. During the event, various actors from the show and director Kevin Tancharoen will be playing the video game while talking about their new series. The Mortal Kombat Machinima event is scheduled to begin streaming at 12pm PST on April 12th, with the first episode debuting immediately after the festivities at 4pm PST. Call me nostalgic, but I'm actually excited about the series and the game.

Exciting New Products Debut At KarateMart.Com
As many of our returning customers have already found out,'s shelves are constantly growing with new products. We take pride in the fact that, many times, our visitors won't be visiting the exact same store twice. Whether it's a simply a few new throwing stars or a slew of martial arts themed toys, we want to make sure our customers have a steady variety of new and interesting items to peruse. It's what makes us different.

Boxing vs MMA - Who Comes Out On Top?
To say that 'some' controversy surrounds the Boxing vs MMA popularity debate would be like saying Manny Pacquiao is a 'little bit' popular in the Philippines. Strong opinions from die hard fans of both sports can be found on all arenas of the internet. So how does one go about determining once and for all who the real winner is between the two? Well we think we've finally found a way to settle once and for all who comes out on top in the popularity contest between the sweet science and the mixed martial arts.

Will boxing fans leave the fight with a nice helping of smug satisfaction? Maybe. Will MMA fans finally get the tap out they've been looking for? Perhaps. Will the fighting metaphors keep coming like a relentless series of rabbit punches? Yes. Yes they will.

Top 5 Underground Fight Videos
Everyone enters the martial arts for a variety of reasons. Some are attracted to the physical and mental discipline they require while others are determined to test themselves in the ultimate face-off against a living opponent.

What all of these martial artists share is the realization that one day they may have no choice but to put their skills to the test. All we can hope for is that when that day comes, someone will have the good sense to record it and upload it to the internet. Well that day is here, and luckily we've taken taken care of all the hard work and compiled a list of the Top 5. So pull up a chair, kick back, and prepare to kill some minutes. That's what the internet does best right?

WARNING The videos below depict real people in real situations. They contain graphic violence, language, or some combination of the two. They should not be viewed by children without express permission from a parent or guardian.

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